Game Of Thrones 4K Keyarts
To mark the reissue of the celebrated series Game of Thrones in eye-popping 4k, we created a limited edition steelbook box set for the Complete Collection.

The design revels in the extra details that 4K allows, with each steelbook focusing on key objects from season relevant storylines – up close and hyper-real. They also feature key scenes from the storylines inside the steelbooks, and a quote from leading protagonists on the back. The outer box features de-bossed sigils from the main houses, facing off against one another reflective of the tensions within the show.
Lead Designer
3D Visualisation
Clio Awards Nominated*
The outer steelbooks case features the four key house sigils (Stark, Lannister, Baratheon & Targaryen) Hand illustrated in a heraldic fashion and engraved into the outer steelbooks case for a textured finish.
Season 1: Danerys is first presented her beautiful dragon eggs during her wedding to Khal Drogo.

Season 2: Tyrion becomes hand of the king and must defend kings landing with a devious plan using wildfire (Glints in metal)
Season 3: The infamous red wedding at the towers of Frey. The musicians play the Lannisters song and swap there instruments for weapons to begin the slaughter (Blood running down strings)

Season 4: The red Viper (Oberyn Martell) fights for vengeance of his sisters death. Fighting for tyrion in the battle against The Mountain.
Season 5: Arya Travels to bravos to start her faceless men training. She must discard all her possessions in the canal. Including the illusive faceless man coin.

Season 6: Jon Snow faces off against Ramsey Bolton in the battle of the bastards with his valerian steel sword Longclaw at his side.
Season 7: Dragon Glass, the key to defeating the white walkers as Winter is now here

Season 8: The fight for the Iron Throne meets its conclusion. The battle of fire and ice. Who will reign supreme.