Imogen Heap - Mycelia
Through her work, Imogen Heap is drawing attention to the shifting power within the music industry and record label management of artists. This beautiful interactive data visualisation takes the monetary data from one of her famous records, “Hide and Seek”, breaking down the track’s revenue splits over 15 years. Crucially, it includes sparse, grey areas which highlight the record industry’s refusal to provide revenue data. The visualisation was taken on her world tour and featured at the Web Summit, 2019.Nominated for Webby Awards 2019 Best Data Visualisation

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Best Data Visualisation Nomination - Webby Awards
Taking inspiration fromthe Mycelia logo and SashDevice along with sound waves.
Nodes can represent an end pointor collection of data across the entirelifespan of the song (e.g. the totalcombined revenues for Broadcast).
The data stream is formed by plotting pointsalong a vertical timeline. The wider the specificcolour the more revenue at each point. Differentdata sets can be layered on top of one another toshow a direct comparison.The data would grow out from the centre pointeach time it changes