Round Corner Brewing
Designing and promoting the ever growing Round Corner brewing's brand and packaging. Seasonal beers require fresh and intriguing design that reflects the beers character and taste.

The impossible C forms the brand mark but also creates a platform for creating 3D visuals with zero gravity floating cans and animations to interesting photography with props and graphic elements. Creating a bold and vibrant feel to the brand.
3D Animation
Social Media
Product Photography
World Brand Design Society Silver - Round Corner Brewing

World Beer Awards ‘Worlds Best Beer Label 2020’ - Round Corner Brewing
Society for the encouragement of Virtue 2020 worlds best beer label. The label features multiple layers of texture. The middle of the RC shows the shine of the silver can with raised white line ribbing. The maroon can is matt with a montane textured finish which contrasts the silver and the UV shine on the outer RC. Creating a can that's as interesting to hold as it is to drink.
Weekly social content to keep the RCB brand fresh and interesting. From 3D graphics to product photography and reactive content.